Sky HD Podcast Special - Implementing 5.1 Audio

A 40 minute interview with BSkyB Senior Sound Supervisors Keith Lane and Martin Black.

Podcast 5 with RTE

Regional Sales Manager Dave Letson visits RTE in Dublin, Ireland, to speak with Sound Supervisor Ian Pike.

Podcast 4 with KWTV

US Regional Sales Manager Peter Harrison visits KWTV in Oklahoma City, one of the United States’ oldest television channels.

Podcast 3 with Lyon Video

Calrec US Regional Sales Manager Peter Harrison visits Lyon Video in Columbus Ohio to chat with the team and owner Bob Lyon.

Podcast 2 with Visions/Telegenic

An exclusive interview with Calrec Technical Director Patrick Warrington about the development and implementation of Bluefin.

Podcast 1 with BSkyB

An interview with BSkyB Senior Sound Supervisors Keith Lane and Martin Black, talking about some of the issues they have faced with the implementation of live 5.1 broadcasts, and the effect it has had on their infrastructure.

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