Sigma with Bluefin delivers demand the highest levels of reliability and suitability for purpose.

Sigma with Bluefin provides 320 channel processing paths, enabling the console to handle up to 52 x full 5.1 surround channels.

This capacity is further enhanced by an identical buss structure to Calrec’s larger Alpha console, including 20 auxiliaries and 48 tracks. The system also provides a significant amount of delay to cope with sync problems, such as those resulting from mixed format HD/SD production. Bluefin also provides 496 mono elements of up to 2.73 seconds of audio delay, which can be inserted at various places in the signal paths.

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NEP Broadcasting Counts on Calrec Audio to Deliver

NEP Supershooters moves Calrec Alpha to new 3-D Truck, and buys Sigma to replace it.


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