Hydra2 is Calrec’s audio routing system. Its plug and play architecture means that connecting consoles together is as simple as connecting their routers, with a single connection between routers providing 512 audio signals in both directions and enormous network expansion. The router does not require an entire console system to function, so complex networks can be created with minimal cost.

Based on 81922 router modules, Hydra2 allows connection of audio sources and system components over copper or fibre, with signals routed to any consoles or I/O boxes on the same network. It supports multiple synchronous sample rates across the same network, allowing sources on the same network to be used for different applications.

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Calrec Interfaces Support Streamlined Production

Calrec has announced the availability of advanced software interfaces that support flexible, cost-effective production for users of both its consoles and its Hydra2 networking system.


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