Technical Assistance

Our highly-trained Customer Support team is always on hand to assist you and is equipped to deal with a range of support issues such as:

  • Arrange repairs
  • Supply replacement or loan units whilst repairs are being carried out
  • Commission site visits / carry out servicing
  • Arrange maintenance and operational training courses
  • Supply and service maintenance support contracts
  • Supply documentation
  • Provide a comprehensive spares service

For Technical Support, please contact us directly, or if you are based outside of the UK please contact your local dealer.


Nick Hughes, Customer Support Team Leader
Stephen Brant, Senior Customer Support Engineer
Daniel Skevington, Customer Support Engineer
Darren Silcock, Customer Support Engineer
Berny Carpenter, Customer Support Engineer
Gareth Frimston, Customer Support Engineer
Steve Gligorivic, Customer Support Engineer
Mohammed Hannan, Customer Support Repair Engineer

Tel: 44 (0) 1422 842159

When calling, faxing or emailing, please have the following information to hand:

  • Your name, location and a contact number
  • The model and serial number of the unit you are enquiring about
  • Your requirement


Selected Calrec documentation, such as large circuit diagrams, uses Swiftview as its preferred electronic format. These documents are stamped with the Swiftview license and are viewable using the freely available unlicensed Swiftview program which is available in standalone and browser-based versions.

To download the latest standalone version click here.


Calrec stopped manufacturing microphones in 1989. The following companies now have the rights to manufacture and service these units. All enquiries should be directed as follows:

For Soundfield microphones see Soundfield here.

For all other studio microphones contact Hebden Sound here.